Rent the Tools You Need To Get Your Spring Cleaning Complete

Rent the Tools You Need To Get Your Spring Cleaning Complete

The temperatures are beginning to creep back up and that means it is time to think about Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is that old fashioned tradition that allows us to get a head start on the seasons of spring and summer by cleaning our houses, prepping our gardens, and getting rid of the clutter that built up over the winter. It’s the time of the year where you clean out your closet to donate to Goodwill and you say good bye to items that you either no longer need or just don’t use anymore. Keep in mind spring cleaning is different for everyone. For some, it’s as simple as scrubbing the house clean and for others it’s a time to go all out and really tackle those projects that you want to get done after the snow melts.      

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet, or cleaning out your garage, I recommend renting the tools you need to get your spring cleaning complete. Here are a few examples of tools that you can rent to help you get going. The first is a ladder. It may sound surprising, but most people do not own their own ladder. Especially the type of ladder that’s going to help you reach that high ceiling fan in your living room. You know what I’m talking about! No one wants to see the dust fly of the top of those blades when it comes time to turn that baby back on this spring. In addition to cleaning, a ladder is a necessity for helping you reach areas of your home that you couldn’t otherwise. If you’re re-painting your shutters or trying to clean your gutters, you’re going to need to rent a ladder to get the job done. Another tool that I find really helpful to rent to get my spring cleaning complete is a pressure washer. If you are looking to get rid of all the salt and snow damage in your driveway then a pressure washer is for you. A pressure washer can help you clean and strip away impurities that have built up around your home. It’ll also come in handy for other areas such as your patio if you are looking to give it a fresh coat of paint or stain, cleaning your grill, the siding on your house, and of course your car. Other items you can potentially rent include gardening equipment like aerators, steam cleaners, shop-vacs, and so much more.

Renting these tools will save you time, space, and money so you can focus on the things that matter most to you this spring and summer. Don’t waste time and wait until the last minute to get the job done. Start planning ahead and contact us to rent everything you need to get your spring cleaning done today.