Caring For Your Lawn In The Fall

Caring For Your Lawn In The Fall

We know that you’ve been caring for your grass all throughout the summer and at this point looking after it has probably become a tedious task. However, caring for your lawn in the fall is just as important so your grass can stay healthy through the winter months. Here are some tips on caring for your lawn in the fall:

Tread softly but carry a big, and slightly raised, mower deck
If you were cutting your grass pretty short during the summer months, for the fall you should raise it approximately by a 1/2 inch – putting the total grass height at 3 ½ inches. While this may leave you mowing a little more often, the smaller amount of grass clippings will ensure that you don’t suffocate the lawn. The grass clippings will also give your lawn valuable nutrients for the winter months.

Keep your rake in the shed
If leaves fall on your lawn, don’t bother raking them up - just run them over with your lawn mower. While a bunch of leaves matted down are bad for your lawn, when they are chopped up into pieces, they are also another great source of nutrients for your lawn.

Dethatch your lawn
While you may not need a rake for the leaves, you may need one for your soil. To get all of the above nutrients, your soil has to be loose enough to absorb them. If raking lossens up the top layer, you should be fine. However, if your soil is compacted, consider dethatching your lawn with an aerator. You will be able to find one at your local rental store.