Backhoe Loader Rentals

Backhoe Loader Rentals

Ask any contractor what part of the construction job cost the most and they will tell you the cost of supplies and labor. It’s no secret building and excavating is not cheap. The best way to save money on any project that’s going to require a hole to be dug is to rent a Backhoe Loader. Whether you are digging out the corner of a basement or trying to get to that piping underneath the ground, you have a job that requires you to operate a backhoe. Follow these tips on how to rent and use a backhoe for your next project.

Before you go off and sign a contract to rent a backhoe, always call before digging underground. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging any utility lines or becoming liable for something that existed underneath the surface that you were completely unaware about. Everything from fiber optics to sewer lines are all stored underground, so be sure to call your local agency that can help before you dig to prevent accidents from happening. The next tip is to take your time from start to finish when approaching your excavation project. Before you leave the lot with the machine, make sure to inspect if for safety and functionality. Backhoes come in many different sizes and can exert a lot of power. They can range in size from the small attachments that you can add to a lawn tractor to big machines that weigh over several tons run by diesel engines. Be mindful of renting a backhoe loader that might also include other features you will need. Backhoes can come equipped with air conditioning, four wheel drive, extend-a-hoes, and other special attachments you might need during your project. Don’t forget to check the condition of the tires and engine to make sure there is no damage to the hydraulic hoses or other signs of damage such as oil leaks or obvious signs of abuse that can cause dangerous operating conditions. The point is to rent the best machine available at the best price.

Consult with your rental dealer to make sure the piece of equipment you are interested in is suitable for the job and that someone on your team has the skills to handle and operate it. Always read the operating manual before using a machine and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Important questions to ask your rental dealer include moving the equipment and whether or not you are renting a backhoe that has enough power to tackle the task at hand. No matter the size, most backhoes will require a trailer to move from one place or another. Ask your dealer about rental packages or the costs for moving the backhoe. If the dealer does not supply travel, you will need to make arrangements ahead of time so you don’t fall behind on completing the project. Heavy machinery should never be used without caution. Study the equipment before putting it to use and talk to your dealer about the history of the machine and its past use. This could give you a better idea of whether or not the machine is suitable for you. Plan ahead and rent a backhoe loader to tackle all of your excavating needs.