Entertaining for the Holidays? Be Prepared with Tables & Chairs

Entertaining for the Holidays? Be Prepared with Tables & Chairs

The holiday season is upon us and sooner than expected. Thanksgiving came a little early this year and with that so does Holiday preparation. All around you’re probably already starting to see trees in windows, lights around houses, wreaths on doors, and the icing on the cake – snow on the ground. Year after year, the holidays are a time of charity, togetherness, and enjoyment. In the spirit of the holidays, it’s time to plan the next dinner event or send out invitations for your annual Holiday party. If this is your inaugural holiday event, then this article is especially for you. Follow this blog for tips and tricks on how to be properly prepared for entertaining for the holidays.

Preparation is the key to any successful event. It does not matter the size of the party or even the location, if you are not prepared it will always be an uphill battle unless by some chance you are graced by a holiday miracle. While I’m all for a good ole fashioned spontaneous event, I recommend don’t take any chances and get your feet under you before entertaining for the holidays. Start by getting a headcount of who all will be in attendance. Send out invitations early to make sure you have all RSVPs recorded before making formal arrangements. Keep in mind, holiday parties are a little more formal and traditional and are not to be confused with the type of parties you might have thrown for your birthday or when you were in college. The next step in proper preparation is to contact your local rental dealer. Rentals are essential in kicking it up a notch and to make sure you have more than everything you need to host a wonderful event. More than anything else, make a reservation for chairs and tables for your event. This is especially important if you are having the event catered. Depending on the location of the event, rent enough tables to hold dinnerware, catering, and a few extra for the bar and other miscellaneous activities. Feel free to mix it up between the size, shape, and style of the tables. For a more intimate setting go with one long table or a few long tables in one row. If you want to spread things out around a dancefloor, opt for round tables for your guests to have space to eat and converse with others. You can also mix it up with specialty tables for games like poker or blackjack if you party has a casino theme. The same logic should also apply to chairs. Rent a variety of chairs for your guests to sit and relax. Pick chairs that are stylish and match the theme of your event. Talk to your rental dealer expert about ways to mix and match and to find an arrangement of chairs and tables that is elegant and affordable.

Chairs and tables are critical in making your party a collaborative event. Utilize your rental dealer to think outside the box and provide an amazing experience to your guests. Don’t forget to leave some standing room, but not too much. Be prepared this holiday and rent everything you need to properly entertain this season.